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Choose SIXMAX Tutoring to deepen your subject knowledge and sharpen the skills needed to succeed in the HSC.

Welcome to SixMax HSC Tutoring & Resources

Group Lessons

For a cost effective option enrol in a SIXMAX English or History short course.

  • Maximum of six students gives you more effective feedback through one on one time with the teacher.
  • Choose a course on the specific English text or Historical topic you need.
  • Leave the course with finished HSC responses and a better understanding of how to adapt them to future HSC questions.

Private Lessons


I come to you, providing individualised private lessons in the comfort of your own home at a time that suits you.


I will provide expert and detailed analysis on all your set texts in a format that will make writing your essays easier.

A Goal Plan

A detailed assessment and improvement plan will be provided during your first lesson to set measureable goals. This plan will be reviewed after each lesson to track the achievement of goals and to set new goals as appropriate.

Maximised face-to-face time

Homework will be assigned and marked between lessons so that feedback can be quickly and effectively acted upon in the very next lesson. You won’t be paying for your child to sit and watch me read their work.

Advice for Assessment Tasks

I will decode the assessment tasks and link them to the syllabus so that you know exactly what to do and how to do it in order to maximize your marks.


Each week parents will receive an email detailing their child’s progress, along with advice on how to assist their child between lessons.